Recover Lost Funds.

The no excuse platform for getting every fund lost to financial anomalies, fraud and errors recovered 100%.

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  • One company, three services

    • Roadmap

      Funds Recovery

      Get back every of your lost funds with assurance of full recovery.

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    • Goals

      Fraud Investigation

      Get to the root of every fraud case and identify every action and actor.

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    • Achievements

      Fraud Mitigation

      Protect yourself and your organization from frauds in any form.

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    Customer Success Stories

    Individuals, Companies and Governments use Sentinel Recovery for funds recovery, fraud investigation and fraud mitigation.

    Shannon Lincoln

    A bank customer received emails from a fraudster impersonating an existing supplier which instructed him to change the IBAN of the beneficiary for certain transactions as the supplier’s account details had changed. The customer proceeded with 8 payments without any further control or validation, sending a total of USD 850,000 to the fraudster’s IBAN account.

    Sentinel Recovery intercepted the fraudulent payments and got all the funds returned back to the senders' bank and subsequently to the sender.

    How we are different

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    We get your job done in time with maximum results with no excuses.

    Refund Guaranteed

    We guarantee refund of your money in any case of work not well done.

    100% Privacy

    We will never share your details or details of our transactions to anyone.

    Plus, we're entirely committed to your success!

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